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Aspen Breeze Soap

Aspen Breeze Soap

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Mmm. Aspen Breeze is one of my fav soaps from my men's collection. Made with the finest ingredients to provide a nice modern scent. Aspen Breeze whispers notes of oakmoss, amber, and tanka bean. It's sensual and invigorating. This is an amazing soap featuring an earthy touch on top of pure cleanliness. I use a custom, in-house proprietary blend of ingredients you are sure to love as much as I do. With a natural skin-first approach you'll come back again and again. If you love my Aspen Breeze soap, why not try some Aspen Breeze lotion to complete your total skincare overhaul? You won't be disappointed. 

Aspen Breeze is made with aloe vera juice, sustainable palm oil, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, with added fragrance, and mica. 

 Size 4oz

Because I hand make my products all soap bars will vary in exact size, shape, and color. Not every batch will have the exact same amount of swirl or exact same area of color. My soaps and handmade in small batches. Check out the behind-the-scenes videos on YouTube of the entire process! 

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